Pollution Removal by Vegetation

How to use the tool: Click in a Local Authority of your interest on the map and information will be displayed. If you wish to know information about planting or removing woodland in your Local Authority, please insert a number (positive if you wish to plant and negative if you wish to remove) in the box on the left. If you wish to see a map of PM2.5 removed or values of the woodland by Local Authority please click in the radio buttons below 'Choose your Map'.

Trees remove air pollution, and this has health benefits to society that can be valued. Values vary due to levels of pollution, population density, and other factors.

This tool allows users to explore the change in value resulting from new woodland planting, or removal of existing woodland, and its ability to remove PM2.5 pollution.

The tool is based on new modelling by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) and Economics for the environment consultancy (eftec). A more detailed explanation of the tool and assumptions behind the work in the button below.

More info about the tool

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