Lake Thermal Regions

For lake prediction the data must be in the form of a csv file with the first column containing sample date in dd/mm/yyyy format and the subsqeuent columns containing lswt measurements in celsius. Any missing LSWT values should be denoted NA. An error will be given if any of the dates are missing

This app shows the predicted lake thermal region for each grid cell (~2 degree) agross the globe based on simulated Flake time series. On the 'Main' tab clicking on a point on the map will produce a plot of the Flake data (points) along with the smoothed curve (shown by a solid black line). There is also the option to add on the predicted thermal region group mean for the location selected and any additional group means that might be of interest. Locations where there is a 'flat' data series at zero have not been included in the predictions due to excessive periods of ice cover, .i.e. there is no predicted class for these locations. If a location on the map is selected where no data are available, the error 'no applicable method for recode applied to an object of class NULL' will be displayed

'Post' indicates the posterior probability of cluster membership.

The table below shows the colour information used for the groups within the app.

The work was supported by the GloboLakes project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (grant number NE/J021717/1). The app was produced by Ruth O'Donnell at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow. A paper is available linked to this app: